Are you looking to hire a new member for your IT team? We understand how the starting stages can be daunting. With IT experts being in high demand and short supply, the recruitment process can take a while.

From creating the job description to offering the role, the average time it takes to hire a new candidate is 68 days, up from 26 days in 2010. Poor communication on either end has been shown to be a common and major contributing factor to dragging the process out even longer.

Working with an expert IT recruiter is the best way to avoid any mishaps, the lengthy process and still be able to find notable talent. If you’re on the fence, we’ve listed 4 reasons why hiring an IT Recruiter is the simplest way to find real talent.

1. Save You Time

The hiring process can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you’re already pretty time-poor.

The process involves:

  1. Outlining and creating the job description
  2. Posting the vacancy
  3. Placing advertisements
  4. Responding to enquiries
  5. Assessing resumes
  6. Scheduling interviews
  7. Screening candidates
  8. Interviewing
  9. Checking references
  10. Offer the position and conduct negotiations

We understand that managing your already full schedule while being available to hire the right candidate can be difficult. If you happen to find a suitable candidate but your response time is slow, you pose the risk of losing them which increases your costs.

Fortunately, IT recruitment agencies like Needus are dedicated to successfully managing the overwhelming process and keeping you in the loop as needed. This saves you time to focus on your business and provides you with the greatest return: real talent.

2. In-Depth Knowledge of the Roles & Industry

You would be working with people who understand more than just the role you’re looking to fill.

IT Recruiters headhunt in a niche industry allowing them to understand the specialised skills and characteristics you’re after, where talent is currently working, what your competitors are up to, and the overall market. Most importantly, they have access to existing job seekers in their database and a wide external network of potential candidates.

woman wearing a headset working

3. Provide Provisional Testing

Conducting provisional testing is an essential part when screening potential candidates. As an employer, you want to know that a candidate can successfully perform and contribute to a business, but you also need to know who the candidate is as a person. This includes their personality type, values, how they would manage a particular situation, and much more.

IT hiring specialists can conduct provisional testing on candidates to ensure a candidate would be an all-around great fit for your business. An applicant may tick the boxes when it comes to skills and experience, but by taking the time to get to know them, a recruiter such as Needus can screen emotional intelligence, work ethic, communication skills and competence.

4. Offer Strategic Insight

IT Recruitment Specialists are exactly that – specialists. Rather than just providing a general service, they want to partner and build long-lasting relationships with their network to provide valuable insight to each employer.

Their insight allows them to tailor your job description for it to stand out from the crowd and remain competitive, attracting the exact type of talent your business is searching for. Or, if you’re unsure about the exact salary on offer, they can provide an accurate market rate using salary data.

Recruit the Right Way

Finding the right candidate is hard!

That’s why Needus is here to support you and bring value to your hiring process. If you want to avoid a bad hire and find real talent, then working with us is the way to go.

With over 10 years of experience, we deliver more than a basic service but a personalised and comprehensive experience. Our dedication and expertise enable us to successfully drive the recruitment process, providing you with exceptional talent that is guaranteed to contribute to your business’s future success.

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