Job Description Template

Finding the right candidate begins with creating the right job description. Without a great job description, you’re left with not-so-great talent. Our job description template will help you get started in your recruitment process.

Before you start writing, it’s important to do a bit of research and see how other companies are writing and structuring their job description. Make use of action words and remember to clearly communicate your expectations through the use of easy-to-read dot points. But most importantly, a successful job ad is not about just creating a checklist of skills you want and need, it also needs to speak to the wants and needs of the candidate.

Let’s get started!

Job Title

Include the formal position title.

Job Overview

This is an opportunity to introduce candidates to the role. Remember to provide information about the company and what success looks like in the position at different milestones.
This overview of the role should be brief (maximum 4 sentences).

Essential Experiences, Skills, Qualifications

Since IT roles require industry-specific knowledge and skills, it’s important to include these requirements early on in the job description.

  • Educations level
  • Experience (Eg. A minimum of 3+ years of DevOps experience)
  • Technical skills (Eg. Java, Python, project management, troubleshooting)
  • Certifications, licenses

Job Duties and Expectations

Provide a list of responsibilities and duties within this role.

  • Essential duties required
  • What a candidate’s typical day may look like
  • Start sentences with verbs
  • Use gender-neutral language
  • Use the present tense
  • List dot points in order of importance

Who You Are

This section discusses the personal characteristics, behaviours, and skills that you’re after. Does your ideal candidate work well on a team? Are they able to manage their time effectively? Are they a lifetime learner who is self-taught and continuously learning? Go ahead and add that in!

Why Work for Your Company

In this section, think about the type of person that might apply for the role. Would this be a stepping-stone in their career? If so, talk about the career progression opportunities. Are they looking for stability and flexibility? Then talk about how the position is suitable for them.

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