Getting to Know You.

Share Your Growth Goals With US.

Needus take the time to first get to know you, while being mindful that your time is valuable. During our consultation, we will gather as much information as possible in order to profile candidates that align with what you’re looking for.

We identify your wants, needs and business objectives, discuss your ideal candidate, what exactly the role involves, and what requirements and essential skills are needed.

Hunting for Your Perfect Candidate.

The Hard Bit Done For You.

After getting to know you, we are here to assist you in constructing an effective job description that will attract the strong talent you are looking for.

The search begins and you can now leave the hard work to us! Not only do we have strong networks and databases to leverage, but our headhunting skills are second to none.

Meet Your Candidates.

Your Easiest Hire!

After we have completed our pre-interviews and have found talent that ticks your boxes, we’ll send you the resumes.

We are confident that our thorough headhunting and screening process delivers the right candidate’s first-time round, making your decision easier than ever.

You’re now ready to lock in your new hire – good luck!

Working With Us.


"Luke just gets it. He takes the time to understand what you are looking for and then actually delivers. He’s got an uncanny knack of not only understanding the role, but the type of personalities and people you want. And then, he somehow knows just where to find them. He’s got a real talent for it, and that sets him apart from other recruiters."

Chief Software ArchitectTribeTech
Nine Network

"Being so challenging, we had a few recruiters on the case, but it took months, and they all dropped away – except for Luke. He was with us every step of the way and actually found the right person in the States. We managed to get them out here and into the role."

Director of EngineeringNine Network

"A true friend in the disguise of a recruiter, Luke has always balanced the best interests of both the clients as well as the candidates. Adept at identifying the right skillset required for the placement and connecting right people at the right time, his success rate has been truly exceptional. He is a precious asset to anybody engaging his professional services."

Practice Lead

"Recruiters that understand the nuances of technical hiring are few and far between. As an engaged stakeholder, Luke balances the needs of a role whilst maintaining a line of communication with candidates to provide superlative outcomes. Luke has demonstrated an ability to source candidates for roles at all levels of responsibility, from developers to CTOs - and he's my first call when expanding or building a team."

Global head of Emerging Technology
Sensor IT

"I have used Luke's services as a Recruitment Consultant in several occasions. Luke provided a very reliable service, always a step ahead of what we needed. He is knowledgeable and does not only skim through the specifications, which saves a considerable time when going through the final steps of a recruitment process. I highly recommend Luke and his recruitment consulting services."

DirectorSensor IT
Mitti Insurance

"Having recently started our own underwriting agency, recruiting the right people is critical and one of the most important functions within our new business. We have been supported and really fortunate to have the assistance of Luke Butler from Needus to help find quality candidates quickly with excellent experience in the areas we require. The professional and friendly attitude of Luke has made the recruitment fast, smooth and helped accelerate our growth as a business. We highly recommend Luke and appreciate his support."

Founder & CEOMitti Insurance
Speech Marks